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Speaker Series - Mara Perez, Ph.D

Latinos are a National Asset

John F. Kennedy University - 2017

Mara Perez introduces Latino Futures data regarding national philanthropic giving levels for  Latino causes, and discusses demographic changes. She presents her perspective about Latinos as a national asset and builders of prosperity.

Latino Education Issue Brief for 

Marin County, California at 

Canal Alliance - 2018 

Mara Perez interviews candidates for the San Rafael City School Board. In this interview, Perez provides quantitative data based on an issue brief she wrote in collaboration with Canal Alliance. Interviewees are asked about what they have done and what they intend to do to improve the persistently low academic achievement among Latino elementary, middle and high school students.

Unveiling the Roadmap to Latino Prosperity Forum - October 2018 

John F. Kennedy University

The unveiling of the Roadmap to Latino Prosperity included "fireside chats" with Latino leaders and experts. In this video, Mara Perez interviews Amber Gonzalez of the Latino Community Foundation about the importance of growing philanthropy by Latinos and its deployment to support Latino non-profit organizations and Latino causes.


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